Animals Strike Curious Poses Featured in Frizzi Frizzi



The new series of illustrations, however, is a return to the themes with which Trüf, over the past year, has received international attention, namely the minimal representation of flora and fauna in compositions characterized by few colors, simple geometric shapes and patterns , as in the posters for sale on their Messymod online store .

Entitled Animals strike curious poses - in homage to Prince, who sings in "When Doves Cry" Dream of the violets in bloom / Animals strike curious poses / They strike the heat / The heat between me and you – the series is a bestiary of more or less fantastic animals.

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Prints of TRÜF's Minimalist Flora and Fauna for Sale



A few months ago we reported a series of zoological and botanical themed illustrations created in the spare time by the Californian studio Trüf. Founded by Adam Goldberg and Monika Kehrer in Santa Monica, California, the studio focuses mainly on branding but their illustrations have been so successful that - in addition to churning out new ones, such as those dedicated to plankton and a second series on wildlife - the two have seen fit to open a small online store to sell them.

The store is called Messymod, abbreviation of Messy Modernism, which is how they call their style, even if of messy, that is messy, chaotic, in Trüf's works there is nothing at all (but "chaotic is our mental process", guarantee).

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Art Featured in 1340 Gallery Magazine



Since its founding, 1340ART Magazine has been a platform for artists you’ve heard of, and artists you should get to know. Through our print editions and online presence we are building a community of artists and connoisseurs from all over the world, and showcasing a diverse collection of styles, influences and processes.

Even bigger: In our latest edition we showcased 69 artists from several different countries. We had over 141.000 readers (digital and hardcopy combined). Each edition is even better than the previous one, as we continuously work on improving our features and on promoting more artists by in-depth interviews with industry experts and much more!

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Faüna: Exploring the Animal Kingdom Through Minimalist Design



With geometric shapes in two colors, this creative studio created beautiful abstract animals

The TRÜF design studio , founded in 2006 by Adam Goldberg and Monika Kehrer , branding experts and collaborators with various agencies in New York and Los Angeles, presented the Faüna series , a set of illustrations that depict stylized versions of various animals and insects.

Inspired by Joan Miró , Alexander Calder and Kandinski , it was designed and experimented with various elements and details until achieving the perfect combination of contemporary forms and elegant lines to obtain a two-color result of geometric patterns. A small minimalist zoo made up of scorpions, deer, flamingos or jellyfish, which began in miniature sketches on paper and later passed to Illustrator, where Shape Builder and Live Corners did the work, resulting in something far from imagined in its conception.

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Black and Red Calder-Like Illustrations Combine Geometric Shapes into Spiders, Jellyfish and Birds



When Adam Goldberg, founder of Santa Monica-based studio TRÜF isn’t crafting work for a client, the designer likes to engage his creativity with an ongoing series of minimal illustrations titled FAÜNA. The pieces combine black and red shapes and line work to form stylized versions of animals and insects, such as the one-eyed spider above or polka-dotted fish below.

Although Goldberg is directly inspired by artists such as Joan Miró, Alexander Calder, and Wassily Kandinsky, he is also influenced by the client work he has completed over the years. “The simplicity, geometry, and composure that we try to achieve with our branding work rubs off on the artwork,” he explained to Adobe Create Magazine. “I think more in terms of composition and balance more now than I ever have — and that’s because of the branding work.” You can see more of Goldberg’s agency work on TRÜF’s website.

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Have You Seen That? The Red and the Black



This series of illustrations entitled FAÜNA was born from a creative exercise. Graphic designer Adam Goldberg, co-founder of the TRÜF agency in Santa Monica, combined black and red geometric shapes to "use different areas of his brain and sharpen his skills."

A great way to explore freely, without constraint or responsibility towards a customer, he writes to the Sun. The interest aroused by this series delighted the author. FAÜNA, a minimalist and geometric interpretation of the animal kingdom, is part of what he calls "disordered modernism". He has also created a botanical series, FLÖRA, and plans to develop new themes on this momentum, when his free time will allow him.

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Stunning Minimal Line Drawings by TRÜF Studio



Santa Monica-based graphic design agency TRÜF studio recently reveals a gorgeous new series of minimal line drawings. After the success of their previous Faüna series, they introduced Flöra where the beauty of nature is transformed in elementary forms, inspired by the ancient tables of botany, which, on the contrary, were rich in details.

“We debated putting this stuff out there because of the possible confusion it might cause for potential clients and the creative community. Does it take away from our branding focus? We don’t think so. At the end of the day, creativity and art are part of our branding DNA, so we decided to not to shy away from it, ” said Adam Goldberg, TRÜF’s creative director.

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Illustration and Geometric Faüna


Adam Goldberg is passionate about designing even in his spare time. His profession has taken it to such a degree that even in his spare time he likes to design. A clear example of the talent that characterizes Goldberg, is Faüna. In the first place, it is a series of illustrations of minimalist type in which, with apparently few elements, manages to recreate incredible silhouettes of different animals.

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Minimal Lines, Maximum Impact



The TRÜF studio in Santa Monica, California, has crafted brands for clients ranging from Adidas to a film director. However, the TRÜF work that first grabbed Create's attention was a series of minimal line drawings of animals the studio posted on Behance.

We admired the series (and its tongue-in-cheek name, "FAÜNA") but were surprised to see that the studio's website doesn't list illustration as one of its services. If not to promote a money-making offering, why post FAÜNA on Behance? We had to know, and happily Adam Goldberg, TRÜF's creative director, satisfied our curiosity.

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