Faüna: Exploring the Animal Kingdom Through Minimalist Design



With geometric shapes in two colors, this creative studio created beautiful abstract animals

The TRÜF design studio , founded in 2006 by Adam Goldberg and Monika Kehrer , branding experts and collaborators with various agencies in New York and Los Angeles, presented the Faüna series , a set of illustrations that depict stylized versions of various animals and insects.

Inspired by Joan Miró , Alexander Calder and Kandinski , it was designed and experimented with various elements and details until achieving the perfect combination of contemporary forms and elegant lines to obtain a two-color result of geometric patterns. A small minimalist zoo made up of scorpions, deer, flamingos or jellyfish, which began in miniature sketches on paper and later passed to Illustrator, where Shape Builder and Live Corners did the work, resulting in something far from imagined in its conception.

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